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Production centre

Martínez y Cantóhas a 21,000 m2 production centre where teas andinfusions are packaged for customers.

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Quality and Safety

IFS and ISO14000 Quality Certificates. From the outset, Martínez y Cantó, S.L. has always aimed to achieve high standards of product quality and safety

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Where we go

Ourteas and infusions are present in more than 12 different countries, such as France, Mexico, Arabia, Germany, the USA, Cuba, … making us an international reference.

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Packers since 1970

A team of 140 professionals works every day to guarantee the commitments that definethe pillars of our company: the safety, quality andinnocuousness of our products. This,in itself, is important but how we achieve it is even more important.

Our History

Martínez y Cantó was founded as a familybusiness by Francisco Martínez and José Cantóat the beginning of 1970, to meet the needs of local companies dedicated to the marketing of teas and infusions. Thus, from the outset, the activity of the company has consisted of the automated packing of teas and infusions forour customers, thereforethe commercial policy of Martínez y Cantó does not contemplate the distribution of its own brand of products.

Expert tea packers

Aware of the important role played by technology in the evolutionand growth of our production centre, Martínez y Cantó has implementedan advanced computer system for the overall management of all the processes that intervene in the supply chain. This project has been cataloguedby the US multinationalas an outstanding success in Spain in the implementation of a system with these characteristics, where the detailed movement of every processis obtained in real time, thus achieving better results in the control of critical points and management of the traceability of our products.

Packaging solutions

Our advancedproduction centre enables us to adapt to the needs of each customer, thus providing greater flexibility and customisation in every product.

Natural packaging

We are certified by the Organic Agriculture Committee (Comité de Agricultura Ecológica, CAE) which regulates compliance with the application of regulations in this respect.


Thanks to our commitment to constant investment in technology, together with the trust of our customers and the work of all the members of our team,we are now one of the most important producers of teas and infusions in Spain.

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