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Teabag packing

8,000,000 infusions per day

Tea, emotions & flavors packers

The largest tea and infusion production centre in Spain.

Single manufacturing plant

Aware that the best way to maintainthe highest levels of quality and safety is by controlling processes, Martínez y Cantó currently has a single manufacturing plant located in Spain with an area of 21,000 m2, of which over 5,500 mis dedicated to the manufacture and preparation of raw material blends and 15,500 mto product storage.

State-of-the-art machinery

Innovation and Technology

Our production plant is fully automated and we use the most modern and innovative machinery on the market. All of our processesare monitored and measured by production control software, which enables us to optimise our planning and measure our efficiency in real time, using such a highly effective indicatoras OEE (overall equipment effectiveness).

All of our machines and production lines include the latest and most innovative quality and safety control systems, such as automatic weighing in the bag line, barcode readers, foreign body detectors and machine vision cameras,which ensure that the product meets all the quality requirements, as well as the regulations applicable to the sector.

Information in real time

Thanks to our radiofrequency warehouse management system, we have access to fast and precise information regarding our warehouse, which gives us greater flexibility and agility in the performance of tasks.

Different technologies and formats

8,000,000 infusions per day

Our production capacity is over 8,000,000 infusions per day, which we can supply in different bag formats or presentations (10, 20, 25, 100, etc.) and technologies (traditional teabag or pyramid bag; infusion with or without envelope, etc) thus adapting to the needs and requirements of our customers.

The technology and processes implemented in the production chain of Martínez y Cantó have been designed to offer the greatest flexibility and customisation of the products of every customer; we are aware that every market is different and therefore so is every infusion.

We guarantee the safety of our products

Lean Manufacturing philosophy

We work according to the Lean Manufacturing philosophy where all processes and critical points are analysed exhaustively to guarantee the safety of our products. We work with the most common Lean Manufacturing tools, such as: 5S, problem solving, visual control, total productive maintenance, etc,which enables us to evolve in the continuous improvement and optimisation of all our processes.

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